Born into the nobility of the Summer Court, Sorvin was an irresponsible Fey until one day the shifting of his home city between planes was (magically?) disrupted, resulting it entering the heart of the Underdark, among the dead were his own parents and he proceeded to wander the Feywild upon the city’s return, before abandoning the Feywild entirely.

As a relatively recent convert to the Raven Queen, he is not entirely experienced in death, but wishes for the land he abandoned to taste it. (Specifically the Underdark).

Born to Summer Fey belonging to Archfey Tiandra the Summer Queen, Sorvin was raised from childhood amid the dense nightly conflicts of the Shinaelestra; becoming accustomed to bloodshed and death for nearly fifty years of his lengthy childhood.

Shinaelestra is a land of the more wantonly carefree than one would expect of even the most whimsical Fey, for as their land shifts between planes they are assailed on all sides by creatures that seek their end; and this is the reckless path that Sorvin embraced in every aspect of his life until nearly his 80th birthday (approximately the age at which humans (approximately 14 1/th years old by human standards).

Drinking, carousing, and everything short of whoring – the timeless nature of the Feywild let him do it all and disregard the consequences that would ordinarily impact health, life, or even limb; and rather than learn the magic of his people he contented himself with simple cnatrips to turn heads as a cihld was wont, toying with mortals and lacking the discipline expected of him.

Until one night, and to his shame he is unable to remember which, the regular shifting of planes went… Wrong, wrong in a way that seemed to render and tear the perception of reality, thrusting their city not to the material plane nor back into the Feywild proper, but deep into the Underdark for a period of twelve hours instead, causing life to become hell and death to manifest in a manner that Sorvin, let alone any of them, had ever seen before.

Forests were pillaged, their greatest wizards could barely hold back the tide, and it was in that moment that he acted like a Fey might – clumsily focusing his power through a wand and killing for the first time in his life, the darkness nearly impenetrable to his forest-accustomed eyes, the screaming not ending until the city shook and burst back into the light of the Feywild as it once more changed planes.

He never found out what caused that day, rumors were rampant of the magic it would take to misalign the city’s usual course between the worlds, but he lost his parents and – indeed – most everyone he had known, and on that day he left for the shining city of Astrazalian to learn from the Eladrin how to control his own magic…

And then move on, the darkness beneath their land haunts him still, and as all their cities are connected to it – Astrazalian itself moves between the planes – he was never comfortable residing in them again.

As a wandering Fey Sorvin has learned from dozens of Eladrin wizards in the thirty-odd years he spent in the Feywild, his role becoming increasingly darker as to part with their secrets to such a notoriously short-term pupil required ever more extreme participation in whatever experiments they were running, not a noble pursuit but one where the abductions that Fey ordinarily carried out were purposeful, methodical, and whatever terrors happened to them Sorvin dutifully ignored.

Death still haunted him – it was not to say that the deities that ruled such matters had noticed Sorvin, but in the Underdark, to be cradling the bodies of his parentage, Sorvin had noticed them; the cold, the capricious, the violent…

It was this interest that led him to revere the Raven Queen – the concept that death comes for all equally and to fight or die; he does not consider his own actions to be evil, but inevitable, despite the obvious self-interest with which he performed them, and in an act extreme for Fey he left the Feywild itself behind to embrace the human world, where entire races do not understand what it is like to be nearly immortal.

Sorvin takes the typical lack of allegiance common to Fey to the extreme – as a follower of the Raven Queen he has become inured to death, or at least accepting of it’s occurence in life, despite the buried nature of his past that drove him to the point of helplessness and back. Most of all he seeks power – directly, deliberately – to bring death to the Feywild, but he himself is not quite sure what this means…

To strip away the lifespan of Fey and Eladrin alike, or to bring war to the Underdark like it has never seen before and take his revenge? Just as the Raven Queen desires sole dominion over death, Sorvin wants to learn how to cause it.