Episode 3: The Ghost Ship (We’re on a Boat!)

The gang explores the creepy-ass ship that’s been chasing them, and it gets… gooey. Sorvin reveals his love of naval history. Baldor invents the Slip ‘n’ Slide. Simtre channels Errol Flynn.

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In the last episode our adventurers received their orders to board a ship chartered to take them to Barovia. They were sent with Bolder, a dwarf war priest from Aduen, to help them on their journey and to keep an eye on them. There is a little trouble when we find out that the captain on the ship is an elf, and she does not want a Drow on her boat.  After that is sorted out with some clever talking and some better dice rolling, we are on our way. Then we see a ship is following them. Who is on it and what are their intentions?  Listen to episode 3 to find out.


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