…….Baldor was born to his parents, Bangor and Della, as part of the Bouldershoulder Clan that lived in the Mithril Mountains. His clan was very successful, and secretive, to the point that the Clan was separated into two different cities. One, their great Undercity where they mined their precious ore and crafted their magnificent weapons and armor for trade and use. Two, the Overcity, which visiting merchants dubbed True Silver, where all the trade with visiting merchants was conducted.

…….The Overcity was located a solid half day’s ride from the Undercity, far enough away and deep enough into the mountains that attempting to find the entrance to the Undercity proved essentially impossible to all who attempted the task. Of course, all of these merchants arriving with rare goods and leaving with even rarer pieces of armor and weapons began to attract the attention of the evil races.

……. As Baldor grew older, he wished to do more for his Clan than helping to restock the shelves of the various stalls in True Silver, so after much pestering, he was assigned the task of official message runner between the Undercity and True Silver. On one of his many trips back from delivering a message, he noticed large plumes of smoke coming from the direction of True Silver and hastened home.

…….Upon arriving there, he found his kin massacred, with the bodies of orcs and giants mixed in among the dead. All the stalls were empty, their goods taken, along with those of any unfortunate merchants who were there at the time. Baldor began frantically searching for his parents, screaming out their names until his voice was hoarse, until finally he heard something that caught his attention. The noise was his mother.

…….Her shouts were muffled by the dead body of his father. After taking his father’s corpse off of his mother so she could stand, he found that she was grasping his father’s warhammer. After returning to her feet, she looked him square in the eyes and said, “Me son, I wish ye father would have died of old age, but instead he died at the end of the blade of an orc. He wished for you to take his hammer, go to King Flint, track those beasts down and pay them back in kind.”

…….With the dwarven army roused, the orcs and giants time remaining in this world was short. Within two days the army was able to track them down and kill them to the very last one. While the fighting was fierce and brutal, young Baldor was calm, with what some would say was a serene look on his face.

…….During the raging chaos, the dwarven god of battle, Clangeddin Silverbeard, spoke to the young dwarfling, guiding his every swing of his father’s hammer, wiping the evil monsters from the land. At the end of the battle, Baldor fell to his knees, and Clangeddin showed him visions of many more scenarios just like his own, innocents being slaughtered by the evil races and their lust for death and greed.

…….He vowed that he could not allow this to happen not just to his kin, but to anyone, that no one deserves to live through a travesty such as this. It was here, at this moment, that he took up his father’s hammer and begun his travels as a warpriest of Clangeddin Silverbeard, helping the weak fight when the fighting becomes too tough or unfair.

…….Eventually his travels brought him to the city of  The Eyrieh and in the service of Aduin. He was told that following and protecting this strange pairing of a Simtre the drow and Sorvin a pixie, would allow him to protect many who could not protect their selves from a great evil. At first he was skeptical of this, but then his god told him it was true, and who could go against the word of a god? So now he finds himself with the most unlikeliest pair of adventuring companions, in a foreign land, ready to be the hammer against evil.